Auto Accident

Unfortunately, Charlotte, Monroe, Concord, Gastonia, and Salisbury are examples of North Carolina cities where numerous car accidents happen each and every day.  Many of these collisions result in catastrophic injuries. The wrongful death of driver and/or passengers could have been avoided if the other driver was not careless, negligent, and in violation of state law.

For those who have been injured in a car wreck, receiving treatment is the first priority; however, for the at fault driver, his or her insurance company is quickly trying to determine if they can avoid responsibility. It is not uncommon to find a representative of the negligent driver trying to take a recorded statement from the injured person, even as they lay in a hospital bed trying to recover from surgery.  During these critical moments we believe that having an attorney with experience in handling serious car accidents is critical to receiving fair compensation.

Stiles Law, LLC is devoted to helping injured people receive the compensation and justice they deserve with more than 15 years of experience representing those seriously injured in a car accident.  For those injured, we have been a shoulder to cry on and provided the strength to make it through the most difficult times.  We has also been the attorney who held the driver and insurance company accountable for the devastation they have caused.

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