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When faced with a divorce, most people become frustrated, angry or confused. The uncertain prospect of what the future holds for your relationship with your children, wondering how this will affect you financially, and the feelings the anger you may feel toward your spouse or the other parent can be overwhelming.

When a divorce becomes a reality, your happiness, your financial future and the sake of your children are all matters that need to be taken seriously. We understand that dissolution of a marriage can be one of the most difficult situations any person may face. The outcome will have an enduring effect on your children, your finances and your emotional well-being.

There are two primary ways to obtain an divorce in North Carolina: an Absolute Divorce, and a Divorce from Bed-and-Board (otherwise know as a fault-based divorce). A divorce from Bed-and-Board is very rare, because North Carolina courts recognize only five faults that may lead to obtaining a divorce from Bed-and-Board.

It is highly advisable that you seek advice from an attorney prior to making key decisions that could effect the outcome, and process of the divorce. Even if you do not wish to use an attorney during the divorce process, an attorney will be able to explain the complex laws and the intricate process you will need to understand in order to obtain a divorce.

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