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Dog Bite & Animal Attack 

Dogs and other pets can be a wonderful addition to a loving family.  However, without proper training and supervision, the same pet can become a vicious animal that brings fear and pain into the lives of the unsuspecting. There should never be a story about someone being injured by a vicious dog; however we hear of children being attacked by dogs every day. These injuries leave physical and mental scars on the undeserving and could have been avoided if the dog had a responsible owner.


When a dog or any other animal injures someone it’s typically not the first time they have attacked. Usually these animals have shown a pattern of aggressive behavior that has been ignored by the owner, even after neighbors have complained. Sometimes this aggressive behavior has been promoted by the owner which makes the attack even more outrageous.​

In North Carolina many homeowners’ policies cover the injuries caused by vicious dogs. However, many people believe that the dog is given a free “first bite” before the homeowner and insurance company will be held responsible. At Stiles Law, LLC we have decades of experience in dog bites and know that it takes a thorough investigation to determine how long a dog has been allowed to show aggression.  We will take the necessary steps to speak with neighbors, witnesses and often others who have been attacked by the same animal.  We recognize that it shouldn’t take a previous attack before an owner can be held responsible. We will always fight to keep vicious animals away from the public and will use every law available to provide compensation for the victim.

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