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Motorcycle Accident

There seems to be no small motorcycle accident for the unsuspecting rider and passenger. The collision is most often the result of someone who did not see what they should have seen.  The negligent driver did not see the motorcycle before pulling directly into his or her path.  These accidents result in broken bones, head injuries, brain injuries, severe scarring from road abrasions (road rash) and wrongful death. We encourage all motorcycle riders to take advanced defensive driving classes.  We also know that sometimes there is nothing the rider can do to protect themselves from a careless driver.

In the seconds following a motorcycle accident, emergency medicine is critical. Most often the injured rider cannot make the call themselves so we urge you to call 911 immediately if you have seen a motorcycle collision. The call you make can save the life of the motorcycle driver and any passengers they may have had. 

If possible, take a photograph of the scene and volunteer to stay until police and medical authorities arrive.  Many drivers try to place the blame on the motorcycle driver making it is very easy for the insurance company to deny liability. Taking pictures and talking with the investigating officer can make all the difference.

We ride motorcycles here  and represent those who have been injured while riding a motorcycle. Our personal and professional experiences give us a unique advantage when representing those injured on a motorcycle.  Please contact our office for a free consultation or if you are interested in finding out more about defensive driving courses. There is no fee for our consultation.

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