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Frequently Asked Questions 

Personal Injury 

Is My Case Worth 3x My Medical Expenses?

There is no set formula to value a case, many people believe that 3x your medical expenses is a fair resolution; however many very serious injuries can have medical bills that do not reflect the true severity (and value) of your injury.

An Adjuster Showed Up At My House Offering to Write a Check to Cover Future Medical Expenses; Is that Common?

If you accept such a check from an adjuster, you may be giving ip your rights to any future medical treatment or compensation. It is always better to contact an attorney before signing or agreeing to anything.

An Adjuster Wants Me to Give a Recorded Statement; Should I?

Sometimes a recorded statement is necessary to establish liabilty. However, the recorded statement should always take place after speaking to an attorney with experience in personal injury law.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

It is always reccomended that you at least speak with an attorney prior to attempting to recover for a personal injury dispute on your own. An honest attorney will tell you if you really need the legal assistance. Moreover, many personal injury firms offer free consultations and case evalutions, allowing you to talk to an attorney about your case - free of charge - before making a decision as to hiring legal counsel.

Can I Only Recover or be Compensated for my Injuries?

Financial compensation is certainly a very important factor in a personal injury case, but sometimes the other party in the suit committed a crime (such as, a car wreck involving a DUI). In these cases, a personal injury attorney will need to be prepared to get you the financial compensation your deserve, while also being able to prosecute the defendant in a criminal matter.

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