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Best Co-Parenting Apps - Top 5

Co-parenting is never as easy as it seems. Often, unnecessary time is wasted on arguments involving finances, visitation schedules, and equal involvement in the children’s lives.

Wouldn’t it be great if simply downloading an app could eliminate all of those arguments? Well, maybe it can! Here are five apps that will make co-parenting a whole lot easier!

1. Our Family Wizard – The Our Family Wizard app has everything you need for successful co-parenting. This app features a shared calendar enabling users to track custody and visitation times and coordinate both parents’ schedules. The app also provides users with an “expense log” allowing for both parents to share and track reoccurring payments (i.e. child support) and one-time payments (i.e. medical reimbursements). Other features include a message board for communicating with one another, a journal for recording activity, and an information bank for tracking children’s records and files.

2. Artkive – Artkive is a fun and useful app that is exactly what it sounds like – an archive for all of your children’s artwork. Neither parent will ever miss a chance to see their children’s artwork again! Users simply create an account, add their children’s names, and then start photographing their child’s artwork. Both parents will have access to their children’s Artkive and can even have their Artkive turned into a book!

3. Supportpay – This app will make managing and maintaining child support payments a breeze. Supportpay gives both parents a shared platform to track expenses, record receipts, calcul

ate payments owed, and make payments. Having the ability to see where your child support payments are going and how they are being used will surely reduce, or even eliminate, the financial conflicts between the two of you!

4. 2Houses – The 2Houses app acts as an all in one platform for divorced parents. The shared calendar allows users to import their pre-agreed upon custody arrangement or, if a custody arrangement has not already been agreed upon, the app will help generate one. Users can also send “schedule change requests” for the other parent to accept or deny. In the shared “information bank,” parents can upload their children’s medical information, clothing sizes, and teacher contact information to be available to both parents whenever needed!

5. My School Bucks – This app allows parents to monitor and pay their children’s school expenses with ease. Parents can log into their children’s account to view the current balance, track recent purchases, and receive notifications for upcoming payments. My School Bucks provides information for almost all school related expenses such as school meals, athletic fees, after-school programs, and bus passes,

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