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Trump & Kim can shake on it, can you?

It’s hard to find unbiased news these days, and let’s face it, everyone has an opinion. Regardless of opinion however, the recent news of President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the topic of discussion as of late, does have two underlying facts:

1. They were able to shake hands, smile, and be cordial, at least in front of the camera.

2. They had a meeting to discuss something important.

If they can do it, why not you?

Going through a divorce is messy and it’s hard. There can be a lot of feelings, resentment, and anger which make conversations or meetings difficult. Add children into the equation and it can feel impossible.

Remember the two facts:

1. Try to be cordial, at least in front of the kids. Words do hurt and kids are paying attention. Be the good example for your children and show them, that even when you disagree you can still respect one another and at the very least shake hands with your ex.

2. With divorce there are going to be discussions that are uncomfortable, but necessary. Make the time, have the meeting and discuss the next steps in this new chapter of your life.

When faced with divorce, just remember these two actions. Being able to participate in these two activites with your co-parent will ensure a smoother transition for your children as well as make the process of divorce less complicated.

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