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Temporary Custody

In some cases, the custody of your child cannot wait for a full, permanent trial to be scheduled; therefore, you may have the right to seek a temporary parenting arrangement or even emergency child custody. A temporary parenting arrangement may serve as a "band-aid" until a more permanent order can be put into place. These orders preserve the status quo of the child and can be utilized when there is a near-emergency type of situation that has taken place. Some examples of situations that are near-emergency include parental relocation, repeated “snatching” of a child, or drug/alcohol abuse.

Emergency child custody can be awarded in rare situations when the physical safety of a child is at immediate risk, or if a child is at risk for being taken out of the State of North Carolina for the purpose of evading jurisdiction. If you believe you may be involved in a situation that requires a temporary parenting arrangement or emergency child custody, the attorneys at Stiles Law, LLC are prepared to talk to you about your case and help you determine the best course of action.

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