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Hurricane Florence - What does Flood Insurance Cover?

Hurricane Florence slammed into the Carolina Coast with almost 100mph winds on September 14, 2018, making landfall around Wilmington, North Carolina. Florence continued to drag across the Carolina's at the slow rate of 5mph, causing storm surges, flash flooding and spewing over 30 inches of rain in some areas, the storm left devastating effects on hundreds of Carolina residents.

Flood Insurance claims are required to follow federal regulations, therefore making the, very different from regular property claims. Almost all flood insurance policies are created through the National Flood Program.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell- virtually all payments will come from the United States Treasury, not the insurance company. Because of this, claims from the Insurance company are not fast enough and simply not enough.

What do I do?

Hurricane claims are painful. There is no doubt about it. The emotional toll of a damaged home, and the financial stress of trying to repair is a daunting process. Our team at Stiles Law is here to

help. We have the dedication and experience to see you through the aftermath of Florence, and help restore your mos important asset: your home.

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