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Don't be haunted this Halloween

The legal world is a pretty freighting place to begin with, everyone knows this, however Halloween is here and it’s time to revel what’s especially scary or “Halloweeny” in legal matters.

Are you big into haunted houses? Do you go all out and decorate your yard each year to entertain and scare the neighborhood? Well, as you might imagine, Halloween can be a danger for property owners. Lawsuits abound from injuries resulting from haunted houses, pranks gone bad, and bad costumes. Slander can even be an issue if you out tombstone decorations in your yard that reflect poorly on your neighbors. (Yes it has happened before.)

Is your house actually haunted? Believe it or not, many states have disclosure laws involving property that is publicly deemed haunted. You can read about the Stambovsky v. Ackley case, where the court decided the house in question had to legally be considered haunted.

Have a wonderful (legal) Halloween and stay safe out there!

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