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First comes love, then come marriage, then comes...

Valentines Day - a day to celebrate loved ones in your life. Whether that being a spouse, children, or other member of your family. But what happens when your relationship is on the rocks, or worse, going through a divorce?

We know in today's world, unfortunately not all marriages live up to Hollywood romantic comedy standards. Sometimes the happily ever after falls short of our expectations. So what do you do when things are looking less like hearts and cupid arrows and more like a dead end road?

Every situation is different but, no matter where you're at in a broken marriage, I always recommend counseling. If there is a chance, you might want to try to repair the marriage before jumping the gun on separation. It’s like a large boulder rolling down a hill, once you begin, it’s very difficult to stop.

With that being said, if you’re already heading down the mountain full speed ahead, consult an attorney. A one hour consultation doesn’t lock you into hiring an attorney, but it will give you the answers you cannot get from the courthouse.

At Stiles Law, we are here to first provide answers, and if you can get the information to handle things on your own, we will encourage your to save the additional hassle and expenses. Not to mention to headache of fighting things out in court. Most divorces can be settled via mediation, meaning you and your ex comes to an agreement on your own terms.

It’s important to remember on this day of love that even if the fire has died out of your marriage the love was once there, and a little grace will save you in the long run.

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