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Spring Break Co-parenting Survival Guide

The warm weather, and blooming flowers are a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner! Spring Break is on the horizon and many families are starting to make plans for fun trips, days in the sun, and maybe a little rest and relaxation. Divorced families however, might experience tension and stress around this time.

Separated and divorced parents will have to decide who gets to spend what days with the kids, and that can make planning difficult. (Some parents have specific holiday arrangements from an Order or agreement) It can be a challenge for some to come to an agreement, due to resentment, or past feelings, or even the fear of not getting “equal time” with the children.

When making plans for your children, as a co-parent, it’s essential that you remember that Spring Break is to be a break from school, and a fun time for them. Making lasting memories, and ensuring they get an opportunity to enjoy the break is the main goal for BOTH sides. Being able to agree on the children’s best interest is the first step in surviving this spring. Below we have listed a few more tips to help you this Spring Break.

  1. Establish rules: make a detailed game plan ahead of time.

  2. Decide if you are taking a vacation or staying in town.

  3. Coordinate fun activities with family and friends.

  4. Create wonderful memories to cherish forever.

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