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Understanding Why Your Social Security Disability Claim was Denied

Our office is often contacted by people who have attempted to file for Social Security disability and have been denied.

Before we begin I think its important to explain whom the SSA Disability program is meant to assist.

Social Security Disability is for those who have been suffering from a severe medically determinable impairment which, despite prescribed treatment is expected to keep on disabled from working for what has been or is likely to be a year or longer.

We see several clients getting a denial based on what the SSA refers to as a "successful" return to work event.

For example if you have worked hard your entire life, and suddenly find yourself with a back condition that prohibits you from performing your job duties, you apply immediately and wait. Within a few months your condition doesn't improve but you are strapped financially so you find a temporary job to make ends meet, and you hold this job for 6 months or more. Since you were not out of work for the year period described above, the SSA see's this as a successful return to work event, since you are able to earn gainful wages on a regular and continuing basis.

In order to qualify for what would be an "unsuccessful" work attempt, you would have had to stopped working as a result of your condition within 6 months.

Unfortunately many attorneys will simply drop you as a client if you return to work rather than explain the process. If you are seeking representation, ensure that you are working with an experienced firm that will communicate to you what needs to be proven in your case.

For a legal analysis of your Social Security disability claim, with no cost or obligation to you, contact Stiles Law, LLC.

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