According to the Social Security Annual Statistical Report ​:

  • 77% of initial applications are denied.

  • Only 2-9% of applicants are award benefits after a reconsideration hearing .​



If you have been denied social security benefits, you are not alone. The fact is most claims are denied multiple times before they are successful. You may be asking yourself, "Denied, what do I do now?"


Stiles Law, LLC has pursued Social Security Disability claims for more than 15 years combined as an added service for our injured clients.  Over time we have broadened this service to anyone who needs assistance with their Social Security Disability claim. Any fee must be approved by the federal government and there is no fee unless we are successful.

Social Security Disability claims are often a necessary byproduct of representing those who were permanently disabled in a car accident, on the job, or as a result of a medical error.  The result is a life altering event with dramatic effects. Whether or not your disability was the result of some specific event, the application process will be a slow and lengthy process.

Being approved for Social Security Disability takes patience and time.  Being approved takes close attention to details when submitting all paperwork that the federal government requires.  Having an attorney prepare your application and represent your interests in a disability hearing is extremely important. We believe that an attorney will also decrease the time it takes to obtain a favorable opinion.​