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Truck Accident

When a truck collides with a passenger car the injuries range from catastrophic to wrongful death. For those who defend the truck driver the financial stakes are high. Therefore, these have become highly experienced in their defense. Usually more than one company will defend the truck driver. It is common for the trucking company and its insurance company to have investigators at the scene of the collision before the vehicles are removed from the road. It is critical to have an attorney who is experienced in representing those injured by negligent truck drivers who understands how quickly they must act on behalf of their injured clients.

Stiles Law, LLC has the experience to represent someone injured in a truck accident where the driver’s negligence set in motion a devastating chain of events. We know that the number one cause for truck accidents is prescription drug use, followed closely by driving too fast. Other factors that may contribute to the collision are overweight trucks that do not have the ability to safely stop and driver fatigue. Whatever the cause, Graham Stiles is a Charlotte lawyer who has the years of experience necessary to investigate and pursue a claim on behalf of those injured by negligent truck drivers.


If you are the victim of a serious trucking accident, please call Stiles Law, LLC for a free consultation. We will make ourselves available 24 hours a day. We understand that to beat the defense we must work harder and faster than they do.

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