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North Carolina enacted Worker’s Compensation laws to provide a remedy for those injured on the job.  For many, Worker’s Compensation will be the only compensation they will receive for their catastrophic injuries.  These injuries often include chemical burns and inhalation injuries, broken bones and severe lacerations as well as injuries to his or her spine. Under the most extreme circumstances the injuries may result in a wrongful death.

Many injured employees do not pursue a claim for work related injuries out of fear of losing their job.  In recent years we have seen this fear rise with an increase in unemployment. We understand and are ready to enforce North Carolina’s specific laws which punish employers who try wrongfully terminate injured employees.

The laws governing Worker’s Compensation can be confusing for an injured employee. Some injuries are covered while other injuries are not. Some medical treatment is covered while other medical treatment may be denied.  Receiving your salary while recovering from your injuries can also be a difficult process.  In addition to fighting for treatment and wages, an employee may be responsible for filing paperwork  to secure his or her claim. By hiring an attorney, the injured employee will have the peace of mind that their interests are protected.

Hiring a Charlotte attorney who has experience in handling worker’s compensation claims is extremely important.  The decision of which attorney to hire is also just as important. Our attorneys will provide a free consultation to discuss your options and will charge no fee if there is no recovery. After an employee’s years of hard work and dedication,  Stiles Law, LLC will make sure that you receive the treatment, respect and compensation that you deserve.

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