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Stiles Law, LLC a local firm with established roots in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have successfully represented hundreds of wonderful people who were placed in bad situations through no fault of their own. We specialize in divorce law, as well as personal injury law.

Those who are physically injured in a car accident or are emotionally distraught during an unexpected divorce deserve hands on attention with an attorney who has proven results. We take great pride in our direct contact with our clients. Our clients know that when they call Stiles Law, LLC an attorney will personally discuss their questions and concerns with them.


"The first emotion that comes to mind when I reflect upon my experience with the Stiles Law, LLC is trust.
You can trust that the legal guidance you are given is the most current interpretation of the law, that it is
delivered with professionalism and compassion, and every effort is made to compensate your case in an expeditious manner.
I would recommend anyone in need of personal injury representation to Graham Stiles,
especially those in my life that are most important to me."
- Dara Desidario


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