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Self-Driving Cars: The Need For Perfection

I’m in favor of new technology, especially when it makes things safer, but I’m concerned with the concept of self-driving cars. My car will keep itself in a proper lane, keep a steady distance from the cars in front of me and brake on its own. In theory it will drive itself, but it’s nowhere near being readyto let go of the wheel. The technology for self-driving cars will have to be perfect because anything less than perfect will mean a collision. If everybody had a self-driving car maybe they would follow the same rules and possibly work together seamlessly. Unfortunately, that won’t be the situation. Some people will have cars that drive themselves while others will continue to drive cars without assistance. Cars being driven “the old fashion way” will continue to make the same mistakes that cause collisions now and the collisions will be as unpredictable and as unique as a snowflake. Right now no amount of safety equipment can avoid such a collision with 100% accuracy. Until self-driving cars have that kind of safety record I hope the National Highway Transportation Agency won’t give car manufacturers the green light to hit the streets without an active, engaged driver.

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